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Body Weight Height Chart As Nutritional Status Tracker

How To Know Your Nutritional Status By Your Height And Weight?

If you ask what is that most people ignore but is also the most important, it would be Health. It is also true that the modern lifestyle has made us too busy to account regular health check-ups. But some of the normal health check-ups are so easy that you could make it at your home.   By using your body height chart and weight, you can at least know your nutritional status.

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The best and easiest way to check your nutritional status is through Body mass index(BMI). By calculating BMI, you can have a good idea about your nutritional status.   How to calculate BMI  Calculating BMI is pretty simple and all it takes is a simple math equation. If you measure height and weight in kilograms and metres (Metric system), the BMI of your body is equal to your weight divided by your height.  If you measure your height and weight in inches and pounds (lb) (English system), your BMI is equal to your weight multiplied by 703 and divided by your height.

What Does It Indicate? 

  1. For an Adult, The BMI value of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered to be normal.
  2. If you have 25-30 then you are overweight.
  3. If you have it 30-40, you fall into the category of obese.
  4. More than 40 is considered very obese.
  5. If you have BMI in the range of 17-18, you have a mild chronic energy deficiency.
  6. If you have 16-17 then you have moderate chronic energy deficiency.

A person having BMI value less than 16 is considered having severe chronic energy deficiency, the persons of this category have troubles performing the everyday physical tasks too. If you have BMI value more than 40, reaching out to a doctor can be very helpful. If you have BMI value more than 35 plus an obesity-related disease like high blood pressure or diabetes, you should also reach to a doctor.   Have a healthy day!